Our Offering

Trade Services

Trading across borders, processing through Customs and other regulatory authorities can be intricate. We take away the challenges of understanding the processes by supporting your transactions through our in-house licensed Clearing & Forwarding Firm, Continental Clearing & Forwarding. For export support, we have developed various partnerships in various countries.

  • Efficient Customs brokerage / Clearing and forwarding
  • Authorized Economic Operator compliance validation
  • Provide supply chain logistical support – shipping and transport advisory.
  • Evaluating the Customs and Trade Laws & Protocols to advise on any available remission opportunities.
  • Supporting through Customs Audits

Tax Services

With a non-predictable global economy and increasing demand for regulatory compliance, today’s business requires agile and well-structured tax planning approaches to nurture and sustain business aspirations. Based on a wide range of knowledge, our team works with you to devise the most appropriate interventions. To support our clients, we undertake the following;

  • Provide tax health checks
  • Representation to tax authorities
  • Plan and structure tax
  • Corporate and individual tax compliance management
  • Tax remission management

Regulatory compliance services

Trade and business require fulfillment of several regulatory requirements and /or certifications. CTT listens to your investment aspirations and advises & supports you (individual/company) to ensure that the required standards are met to forestall any non-compliance consequences. In undertaking this, we liaise with various agencies, including; UNBS, NDA, Min of Agriculture, URSB, UCDA, NEMA, UIA, UEPB, and many others, subject to the investment areas.

Research Services

In a world of diverse information and limited resources, prudence necessitates that investment decisions are based on scientifically segmented opinions. To support investments, we conduct feasibility studies on various product value chains, baseline studies, situation analysis’ on various products, trade and tax matters


Tax and Customs formalities are a creation of laws and policies executed through a series of processes and procedures. Experience has made us uphold that conducting business in a known Tax, Customs, and regulatory environment contributes significantly to the business’s success. To bridge the customer-tax knowledge gap, we provide tailor-made training services to equip our customers in areas where capacity building is required

Data Analytics

Modern business practices necessitate a deep and broader understanding of the information processed and held by the business entity. Whether for a start-up enterprise or a company already established, interpreting the available data that impacts the business is essential in informing the various decisions required. We assist in the process of examining datasets to draw conclusions or insights about the information they contain to aid in decision making using Moderns tools and techniques including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence